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Our goal is to respond to the questions of the day in society. Colleagues from Rīga Stradiņš University and the Universities of Vilnius, Tartu, Wrocław and Gothenburg, in collaboration with the national news agency LETA and the National Library of Latvia, have developed a platform open for collaboration and exchange of information about MIL.

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Our philosphy is project-based and practice oriented learning. The Lab is a virtual site where students, under supervision of research staff, work together to develop MIL teaching methods and materials.

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Innovation is our principle. The importance of media literacy is predicted by changes in media environment. This is why, based in experience and accademic understanding of communication, the projects of the Lab are oriented towards development and implementation of new views, models of thinking as well as IT-based tools.

Do analyze, think critically, think about what is important and e-mail us at Ilva[pnkts]Skulteatrsu[pnkts]lv.

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Main objectives

  • Create an international master's study programme "Media and Information Literacy"
  • Form a virtual laboratory for developing innovative teaching and learning methods to foster media and information literacy (MIL)

Thus the main tasks of the project are to create a transnational and trans-disciplinary centre of knowledge exchange and building up of capacities and competences, as well as data base of resources in theory and methodology in media and information literacy education that strongly draws on the results ofpractical research, creative experiments and project based approach (concept of laboratory), Identify main development of MIL and structure and shape of needs of MIL in society, to create and support the research work and system of educational tools and other resources of MIL study program taking in account this knowledge obtained and the character of flexible changing media and information sphere today.

The aims of the Lab

  • Introduce active learning methods (case studies, projects and group work) into the learning process by using resources of the involved universities and the Virtual MIL Innovative Teaching Laboratory developed as an outcome of the Erasmus+ Strategic partnership MIL&LAB project. The study programme aims to combine academic studies and research activities by organizing seminars and involving students in research projects conducted by the involved universities and their partners
  • Build extensive collaboration with business entities and other stakeholders, to encourage students to use experimental research methods for creating, testing and adapting new MIL teaching methods, formats and approaches
  • Train students in implementation of contemporary, IT based MIL research methods

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