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Professor Anda Rožukalne: More ideas and creativity of the young needed!

Project “ Full mind”  (Pilna māja) for young people of Latvian schools was initiated to answer the following  questions about the media in Latvia and in the world: What is journalism? How to distinguish journalism from advertising or propaganda? Are social networks also media? Do they manipulate us? Why is it important to be a smart media user and content creator?Researcher concluded that the content created is poor in terms of ideas and quality. Based mostly on the enthusiasm of teachers and mentors; problems with sustainability. Generally pupils are motivated by school teachers. Journalists are guests, they make an interesting events at schools, but most important duties are completed by teachers. Understanding of journalism practice is built on stardom of few personalities, but the serious part of journalism disappears between fragmented activities If sponsor request the "mass participation" then assumption that the all school children will be interested in journalism is at least naive. The conversation on media performance should be a regular part of education. Nevertheless, this method can be used  to improve understanding of media and journalism